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Si vous êtes un véritable amateur de sneakers et de style de vie urbain, vous êtes au bon endroit.


Ellesse (founded 1959) draws inspiration from its own strong ski, tennis and gym heritage. You can see that in the logo, that is inspired by tennis ball and by the tip of a pair of skis. Fun fact to know: the company is named after the founder, Leonardo Servadio. The “Ellesse” is simply how the name evolved, because first logo that the company presented was L&S. So its just how you read LS. Now you know something special to tell your friends, if you see them in their new Ellesse t-shirt. Back to fashion now. Ellesse is the perfect balance between sport and street fashion. It was one of the first sport brands to incorporate their logo on the outside of their sport garments. Nowadays you can see football fanatics, tennis fans or casual fashion lovers wearing this brand with pride and love.


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