T-shirts Mitchell & Ness - The Streets

The Streets est la Mecque du basket-ball. Vous y trouverez tout, des équipements professionnels aux maillots en passant par les Jordans rétro. Les sneakers Nike SB et la mode streetwear font bien sûr aussi partie intégrante de cette entreprise tchéco-slovaque.

Mitchell & Ness

Made with the love for sports, Mitchell & Ness was founded in 1904 and started as a sports equipment manufacturer, making baseball and football uniforms. But in 1983 Mitchell & Ness began with supplying OG baseball jackets from the MLB golden era. How did they do that? They dug through dozens of newspapers, books, programs, old film footage and hired vintage collectors to help replicate the fame of the baseball attire. They expanded to other sports and nowadays you can find shirts, caps, hats, tracksuits, team uniforms, hoodies and jackets from the NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NFL and MLS. We especially love their certified old school basketball jerseys from different eras with our beloved players.

C'est tout !

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